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A big welcome to the Teoteo Learning Space from the children and staff; Mrs Wendy Lindsay, Mrs Emma Howes, Mrs Serena Moore, Mrs Rebecca Brophy, Mrs Colleen Bond and Mrs Maria Smith.  We feel it is a privilege to work alongside tamariki as they enter school and we are passionate about the education and wellbeing of each of our learners. Within Teoteo, all that we do reflects our holistic philosophy of growing our learners’ Knowledge, Character and Relationships (Three Kete).

Character Kete: We focus on developing the skills of independence, responsibility, organisation, resilience, having a positive attitude towards learning, taking responsible risks and regulating self.

Relationships Kete: We focus on having opportunities to form many relationships (with peers, Aoraki Buddies and staff).  We actively teach the skills of communication, listening, cooperation, respecting others, showing compassion and being honest.

Knowledge Kete: We focus on developing self-managing learners in a flexible yet structured learning environment. The children have a variety of opportunities to learn and to share their learning with others during whole class, small group instructional lessons and independent activities.

Our programme provides a balance of mixed and ability based lessons.  While our Maths lessons are in mixed ability groupings, the children will be in fluid ability based groups for Structured Literacy.  We are excited to deepen learning through Storytelling, which is a major focus of our day.  Storytelling is a dynamic and creative approach to learning. The main idea is simple: by learning to tell stories and make verbal presentations, children develop great oral communication skills while mastering the language and ideas they need for subsequent writing.  Our Storytelling theme connects to the school-wide focus, which is the basis of our Literacy, Arts, Science and Technology programmes.  All children are provided with rich authentic opportunities to add to their Three Kete and utilise their ‘Kete Strengths’ through a variety of contexts and within self-directed explorations (Play-based Learning).  Our aim is that your child is engaged in their learning and can apply their skills and knowledge in everyday life in order to flourish.

Within Teoteo (and the wider school), we strongly believe in collaboration and the many benefits for our children.  This goes beyond teachers working alongside each other, it is about collaboration with all three parties (students, whānau and teachers) to provide the optimum conditions for learning within our Three Kete.  One of the systems we use to enhance this collaboration is through the ‘Seesaw Learning Journal App’. This provides the opportunity to be connected with your child and to engage with how they are adding to their Three Kete within Teoteo.

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All About Teoteo

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Our People

We have a great team behind us here at Southbrook School. Our staff are passionate about education and love teaching in and supporting our school and students.

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Our Students

Our students are what makes our school. Watching them form their education is what motivates us. Seeing the kids grow is an awesome privilege.



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